How does individual stationmaster let website speed fly

on a personal web site over the situation, how to make their sites. This is a talent shows itself, many people want to know the answers to the questions, then how do I want to do it, in addition to their own web pages at the same time do a variety of promotional activities, it is also quite important, is site access speed, this problem is easily forgotten by many people indeed.

don’t know all the webmaster friends have enhanced speed awareness in this respect, I think this is the key, the network itself has such a material fast, access speed and site visits the site has a direct close contact. According to the survey, seventy percent of people said the time spent waiting for link sites would not exceed 10 seconds. I think 10 seconds are very long, in general, within 5 seconds can show the meeting, 10 seconds too long, I should belong to another thirty percent people.

so, in each of our webmaster friends, we have to establish a sense of access speed, only you realize the importance of the problem, will find ways to solve. Next, talk briefly about your personal views on speeding up your visit.

, a page to lose weight in the speed is constant, the greater the content of site open speed is slower, so want to reduce the content of the page, but our website is to let others know about our products or other things, will not be reduced in detail, so we can do this on the site home, no matter what others may say, let others enter the home again, now the site is done, do not believe you’ll see Baidu home page is not simple, the first page of a classification, then to find out what you want step by step.

two, the cost of hardware as everyone knows, a computer configuration is higher, so his running speed is faster, here, suggest that you consider this question, according to their own development, the hardware supporting the work, not only a waste of resources, but also can guarantee the speed, there are now many well-known network service according to the needs of the market, launched a more intimate products, I think in the choice of more convenient.

once again stressed that the site access speed is much more important than content, hoping to write this will give the webmaster friends a warning role, so that you realize the importance of it. Finally, please refer to the following reprint, cosmetics ranking:

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