How do you see through the real internal data of a web site

now more and more websites, flicker is more and more fierce, did not do how long the small web site, but also external claims of their popularity, how high, how the audience how wide, how content, how fine. Well, how can you really see through the internal data of a website? Here, I provide myself a little experience.

1 PR value. This is a standard that Google provides for the overall nature of the site. In general, the higher the value, the more influential the site should be. But here I want to say is that the PR value of the comparison should be limited to the same industry, the same type of site comparison. Different industries between the site of the PR value of the comparison is meaningless, for example, an electronic industry website, the PR value will be higher than a entertainment or medical website PR value, but its actual flow may not be comparable to it. The PR value of some websites is only determined by its industry characteristics. Especially in mainland China, the proportion of Google currently used is becoming smaller and smaller, which needs attention.

2 volume. This is a very practical indicator, specifically, a website whose content is included in the search engine. The more content a web site contains, the greater its database. This database is undoubtedly proportional to the strength of the site, a small site is unable to guarantee the stability and quantity of content update every day, and no amount of accumulation could not bring a qualitative leap, how can we expect it to have extraordinary popularity. Of course, the contents of the collected, it is impossible to ensure that he can only rely on the former, but for the web site, especially the portal site, the basic food, therefore, an important indicator of its development.

3 Alexa ranking. Although more and more fraud is being made, it is undeniable that it is an important indicator of the value of the website. First, after all is only a small part of fraud; second is to false financial strength as the foundation, a company if you have the money to get things done is certainly more convenient. Then how to judge whether a website Alexa is false or not? It’s very simple. If his ranking curve appears large-scale abnormal fluctuation, there must be a problem, which is the same as the stock market. There’s also a little bit of experience, and if Alexa shows a list of countries in the list, there are a lot of unrelated countries, and that’s definitely a problem.

4 forum. Forums are generally the most powerful place for a web site. We can register from a web site, the number of updates every day, while the number of people online easily see through the popularity of a website. Especially in the same industry website, we can use the comparison method. Specifically from the A web site to collect its most popular forum post, put on the B site, and then in its B site status, in the number of visitors, replies and other aspects of the volume of comparison. Although this may not be accurate, it is very practical.

5 on line time. Although the Internet has spread rapidly, but the real "Yixieqianli" era has passed, do not believe that a just on the line did not take long for the website, how can do it.


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