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Trojan horse, a familiar and feared name, is based on remote control, with the Internet developing today. Once it’s controlled by a Trojan horse, your computer will have no secrets at all. Antivirus, Trojan horse has become a required course for everyone who has a computer". In order to reduce unnecessary trouble, the majority of users will take the initiative to find some similar "how to effectively prevent Trojans" articles and anti-virus software, as much as possible to reduce time costs.

experienced people will improve the system security settings (such as account group permissions, ports, services) restrictions, but the operation is troublesome, for inexperienced people even do not know where to start? Of course, more people will choose the real-time monitoring of antivirus software to protect personal computer security, but most of the anti Trojan program provide only limited protection to crisis events. However…

has such a tool (free landing) to supplement the existing anti Trojan software, under the easy-to-use interface, without keyboard typing can be a key login through the target site, chat tools and applications. For example: the general form of log QQ, operation sequence should be started after the landing window manually enter the account password, no worry will be landing across the landing window, a little mouse can directly login success; with smart reminder preservation can effectively prevent account loss, improve data security encryption algorithm and the maximum strength through high strength the.

only secure systems can work efficiently! Software download address:

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