Dunhuang network CEO Wang Shutong talk about entrepreneurship sharing happiness is more important t

host: the micro-blog training camp for the seventieth phase begins now. Thank you for coming to our event this weekend. Our guest today is Ms. Wang Shutong, founder and founder of Dunhuang network CEO. Wang founded excellence in 1999 and served as CEO in 99 years to 2002. Prior to this, Wang is still Microsoft, CISCO and other foreign enterprises as executive positions. Wang always started the Dunhuang network in 04 years. So Wang will share her story with us today. She has also worked as an executive in a foreign company and will share her career experience with us. She is now engaged in the industry, as well as pre – business excellence, is to do e-commerce. We also want to listen to Wang’s views on e-commerce today. Wang is always one of the few beauties we have ever visited, CEO. The following applause welcomes wang.

typical professional managers are very different from entrepreneurs,

Wang Shutong: you Sohu friends, everyone, for e-commerce, the Internet feel more interested. Today we will discuss these topics together. I have read a book many years ago, this book, people basically divided into two categories, one kind of love, people ride the tempestuous waves. Another kind of love, calm lake placid. The first type of person likes to challenge, and when things are stable, his newness is gone. Always want to do something exciting, different things. The second type hopes for order and stability. For many years, doing the same thing without feeling lonely. I laughed when I finished reading it. I think I must be the type of the former.

so many years past, just now moderator also introduced the career development process in the past. Also confirms that I belong to the first type of person. A lot of my friends say this man is a pain in the neck. So later I said, the typical professional managers and typical entrepreneurs, in fact, there are still fundamentally different.

after I graduated from university first, I arrived at Tsinghua University in 91 years. I think we still have a good environment and atmosphere. The campus is very beautiful, and there is summer and winter vacation, the work is relatively idle, from time to time you can also participate in activities inside the University, listen to lectures. At the time of the multinational enterprises, Microsoft, IBM, HP, in the early 90s, many people are not quite clear. I knew Microsoft was a DOS, and I didn’t know how famous the company was. After the switch to the enterprise, can feel the globalization of business operations, management and experience, beat the competition every year continuously, your colleagues are all very good, there are a lot of shining experience. At this time, I was also the earliest promoted young Chinese professional managers in Microsoft. It looks like everybody’s jealous. This time, out of a company called the Internet pioneer.

thought then that Microsoft was lagging behind, and that there was an Internet pioneer. At that time, everyone’s understanding of the Internet is really very shallow. But we want to see what this is first

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