Network brand naming strategy

mentioned "Benz", people will think of the German car; the mention of "Fuji", was reminiscent of the Japanese film; the mention of "Coca-Cola", people will associate carbonated drinks in USA; similarly, Amazon will make people think of online book store, people will naturally the "Alibaba" and "network" link, visible, brand name is the representative of the brand, is the soul of the brand, embodies the brand personality and characteristics.

good brand name can not only cause the unique association of consumers, but also can accurately reflect the characteristics of the brand, has a strong impact force, stimulate consumer psychology, enhance the consumer’s desire to buy. For businesses, good brand names can also enhance the image of themselves and products. The use of brands has far exceeded the early identification category, become consumers and businesses to communicate emotional ties, become an important means of enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.

network brand naming mainly refers to the enterprises in the network for the promotion of brand name, it is based on the enterprise network brand positioning, here mainly introduces the naming reflects the brand image of the enterprise web site name and URL (i.e., domain name choice). In virtual space, the brand name and domain name play an indexing role, and it is an important entrance for consumers to enter and understand the brand. Therefore, the naming of the network brand is very critical.

brand naming and design is an important link to achieve brand positioning, but also the premise of launching brand promotion work. Through this step, the enterprise has formulated the core value as the center of the brand identification system, so that the enterprise’s brand promotion action is feasible.

generally speaking, the naming of network brand needs to follow the following premise:

(1) accurately targeting the enterprise’s network target customers;

(2) accurately grasp the characteristics of the network targeted customer groups.

establishes a brand name that truly meets the needs of the consumer. It requires accurate understanding of the characteristics of the consumer, the buying behavior, and the mode of consumption. Enterprises in the network brand positioning stage, need to complete the above analysis about target consumers, and these analysis as the network brand naming and design foundation.

in addition, the name of the enterprise’s network brand, which is named for the website, can be referred to as follows:

(1) pay attention to the relevance of existing brand names.

, for example, "Gome" website name "Gome mall."". On the one hand, it is easy for consumers to identify brands; on the other hand, if the brand is already well known, it can use its existing influence to obtain brand extension in cyberspace. Generally speaking, the enterprise website name can be used with the traditional brand name consistent naming, or the naming can make consumers association on corporate brand, unified brand strategy based on the consideration of the naming principle should be the primary consideration of the principle of enterprise.

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