The website is missing in Baidu rank how to do

in SEO industry often complained: "I heard SEOER sites in the Baidu ranking of how down?" in the search engine optimization in ranking fluctuation is normal, especially do Baidu ranking optimization website, want the key words in Baidu ranking is more ideal, then we must be more careful, do website every point. Because Baidu check on the website of the very strict! But, even if we find the website ranking dropped, also do not have to be careful, declines that contains many factors, as long as the static under heart of every detail of the website, and then corrected Baidu update again perhaps will have a certain effect. Then you can check the reasons for this from the following factors:

1. check the site in Baidu included is normal, observe whether there has been down, and the snapshot update time will be very slow. If the site is penalized, the collection will disappear and the snapshot will stop updating.

2. checks the link of the website, understand whether the website of other party is punished by search engine or drop right, does the other side website still have the retrorse link that points to your website?.

3. see

recently have excessive optimization behavior, such as the use of mass software or buy a large number of black chain.

4. know whether the server is stable, because if the server continues to appear unstable or not open, then the search engine can not successfully crawl information, and affect the site’s collection and ranking.

can use these factors to improve website, may find the reasons for the decline in ranking from, but this is not necessarily just a few factors, there may be a search engine self adjustment. However, as long as the station seriously, and play all the factors SEO, the site’s ranking will naturally change dramatically.

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