Use hot news events to improve website traffic

July 22nd, the earth has undergone 500 years of total solar eclipse wonders, some parts of the Yangtze River Valley has the opportunity to experience the wonderful landscape of total eclipse, experiencing 500 only encountered a immersive experience. But yesterday the weather is cloudy in Xuzhou, even the sun didn’t see the shadow of the eclipse, did not appear. However, last night the storm, cool breeze today, the summer heat has been driven away, the mood is very comfortable, do not know whether this is entrusted with the "total eclipse" blessing


station news network "after 80 female teachers take 15 days to make total wealth express 500 thousand, the total solar eclipse let the shop to get rich quickly, store sales, the total solar eclipse observation mirror telescope, astronomical observation goggles all sold out, a conservative estimate of 15, net profit of 500 thousand. During the Olympics people purchase the telescope, the store also followed the Olympic fire, made two three million yuan business. The news does make people look very envious, are also receiving total information, why some people will be able to catch the express train to get rich, some people are not? Say a little, people are economically minded; said bluntly, we will not say.

Adsense do website, can from popular news events bring some traffic, this is not afterwards Zhu Geliang behavior, we discuss and how the webmaster use hot news manufacturing flow.

knew that the total eclipse was a rare spectacle in 500 years. The media reported long ago. Before 22, I believe many people will be interested in the relevant reports, find some words and pictures; in 22, I believe there will be a lot of people want to bask in her see the eclipse photos, see the wonders of the excitement of sharing. Can the website make an article from it,


hot news before

a lot of hot news media reported the bombardment, such as last year’s Olympic Games, and this eclipse began very early publicity. If the webmaster can seize this opportunity, short-term traffic is no problem. For example, before July 22nd, organize the photos and text messages of the previous solar eclipse, introduce some solar eclipses, summarize the relevant knowledge and so on. Because the total eclipse is about to happen, the search for the word "solar eclipse" is also hot. Of course, this is also required by Internet users. If you can sort out the full details of the solar eclipse related topics, I believe it is very useful for Internet users. Information helpful to Internet users, the website will naturally be favored.


hot news,

after watching the eclipse, many people would like to share photos and moods, stories, etc.. If you can have a topic, let Internet users to bask in the solar eclipse informative, mood, photo sharing, but also attract the eye. Some people do not see the eclipse, it will be a little pity, some people see wonders, may also take pictures, but also write some mood stories, to do some sharing and communication is also good. Grab hot news, create some topics, attract users to discuss, this also brings traffic >!

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