Nine major behavioral characteristics of China’s nternet users

1: inertial

user: "why is your sorting button missing?"

customer service: pro, we put it on the right, so that more obvious oh."

users: "you are very idle? Nothing to get this button to do what


has a story, said the cheese in the maze third lattice, and then put the mouse into the maze, the first time, the mouse to find the first, then find second, finally found in the third square, very happy. The second time, first find the first, and then find second, and again third times found in the lattice, very happy. The third time, the mouse went straight to the third lattice to find the cheese. Fourth times, fifth times, the cheese didn’t move. The sixth time, cheese was moved to the first lattice, the mouse can not see cheese, so angry, depressed, impatient, spinning in situ, but gave up, continue to find.

people, like rats, are even more inertia than mice, more adept at summing up the rules, and are more likely to feel angry and unhappy. Once he learns to use a button, the second must be in place, in accordance with the original method. If the position or method is not the same as before, he will be very unaccustomed and think it is a very unpleasant change. So if the product manager to change the original law must consider, even if you know that you are more convenient for the original process, more beautiful, more beautiful, please consider the old user habits. While attracting new users, it is a problem for product managers to consider the issue of letting older users learn less.

2: I’m all

user: "your platform sucks, my product is completely wrong."."

customer service: "pro, other people are good.". Did you set it wrong "


user: "what does someone have to do with me? My product is wrong."

looks but everyone is savage and absurd, the king of my world, he to himself all responsible, so when we are very easy to say when a few people, should also feel the whole world that a few people, he cares about his KPI and we care about their promotion as concerned about their own small shop for us, a drop in the bucket, for whom they are perhaps the most precious pearl. Acknowledge each other’s equality is also improved and again three user experience these give feedback to help Taobao users not worth mentioning, they are our best not to take salary also continue to help us to submit user testing engineer for bug, for such a selfless act, we should be grateful? Or thanks? Thank you


3: first impressions are important,

user: "you should provide a * * * function."."

customer service: pro, we have. >

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