The survival philosophy of local websites paying customers is dug out

client is the local website yisifumu. Similar competitive local websites is becoming increasingly fierce, whether you do open portals, forums, or engage in second-hand, poly talent, push online shopping, the day has already a single large, being gone for ever. To achieve a stable profit by waiting, by waiting for customers to visit your site will not, at least the poor effect. For most of the webmaster, the funds are very limited, can not afford to search engine promotion, but also can not afford the cost of outdoor advertising. In this case, in addition to continue to be keen on SEO, I think the most primitive and the most effective way is offline marketing. Marketing advertising tells us that the enemy but the telephone marketing, telephone marketing match come to visit, this is the car king Henry · Ford for his advice: "for sale to attract customers to visit in person". Here, I would like to share with you Sanming 0598 talent line for customers practical experience, I hope you have some local webmaster inspiration. Today we will discuss the question of where the customer comes from first, and next time we will talk about how to win customers".

our goal is to make money, and our time and energy are limited. It is impossible to cast a net everywhere. For this reason, it is important to select some potential customers. First, the amount of preservation. Is the existing registered members of their website, these customers have a preliminary understanding of the site, most likely into a formal customer. Maybe a phone call, a door on the OK, do not let him inside the wall flowering, incense outside the wall, so that other sites to develop. Two is to dig the corner. It’s the marketing of existing customers on similar websites, and it’s very useful, even though they are unpleasant and unkind, because they’re willing to pay for it. In fact, we seriously study, and many successful people are "first business," then famous, and finally honest". Of course, the premise is that you have the advantage of differentiation, such as providing better results, better service, or lower prices. Three is the Yellow pages. In some places, there is a list of newly registered enterprises on the website of business and commerce, with all the telephone numbers and addresses. Or spend a little money to buy the latest Telecom Yellow Pages, according to their own marketing scope, one by one to strive for investigation and. Four is to sweep the street. It’s a bit tiring, but it works well for online shopping and talent sites. Sub section, a lot of plans to run, see a discount information or talent recruitment requirements of large enterprises, small shops can fight for, may not be a business, but at least can increase an original information.

that’s all for today. In this statement, this article by 0598 Sanming talent network original, in A5 starting, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you for cooperation.

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