Talking about the preparation for the development of local gateways

the future of local portals and industry vertical portal developed rapidly, talk about the operation of local portals some thinking, so that local portal friends do some psychological preparation in advance. Before the Wuhan Webmaster Station organized several webmaster gathering, now summarize, for everyone to share!

!Plan and budget

1. before starting

Forewarned is forearmed. Local portal planning determines the success or failure of the project. Of course, the plan does not change quickly, but also at any time to adjust and supplement your plan.

2. is going to be a good start, not prepared for two years!


local station traffic is not easy to get up, website weights and brands do not have to build, so in the above head advertising probability is very small, because a long time can not earn money.

3. is not only profitable, but also ready to invest,

since you do not make money, then you have to invest in living expenses, there is time to invest.

4. to prepare for the loneliness

started without resources and needed to stick to it. Every successful person may vary, but he must be a lonely person, but it can also be an invisible threshold, others did not hold on, you will be the last winner.

5. ready for team operation

the profit pattern of local portal local portal advertising is not limited to this, also need to jointly organized promotional activities, many businesses and what this group purchase, the need for specialized personnel, you a person very difficult, including after the independence of advertising and marketing team, technical team, the final form of local portal the company will be in place for the network media, and one shot for a local individual grassroots station cannot be mention in the same breath, maybe now say this to you too early, but you have reason to know a little earlier. So we should be ready for team management operation

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