Sharing Adsense must change the mentality of making money

I’m not into the station, but also have several domain names on the Internet, hanging up on several websites, estimated IP of not more than 100, often just removed from behind, station, Admin5, come here every day to see the success stories of others, that is more stationmaster’s complaints here. Baidu and Google how to write injustice, write how difficult do stand. Here, I would like to talk about my views, and I hope to arouse common thinking and change your situation.

believes that the primary purpose of trying to do the webmaster every day is to make money, not to say how much you stand IP, your PR, your Alexa ranking is high, not earn money if you will still continue to complain, to continue your difficult course, the real money webmaster to silence to make money, no time to come here every day to the feeble, don’t care about here a few soft with do not go what the value of IP, I am very lazy, but too lazy to write something every day, since leaving school basically no written text, is also afraid of writing out of order for everyone to see, I basically every day is to learn some useful things for yourself. Of course, I want to make money online, too.

for the site to make money, my idea is to make money and website in reality, is very simple, is to provide services, or sell products, these two aspects can become the cause, become the industry, compared to the dumpster by advertising alliance eat more strong, you can imagine your website can provide what services, of course now most online services are free, you will say that other people will not be willing to pay, but if you want to make money, you must provide people free access to services, such as web design now, despite fierce competition, but also is everybody has a meal to eat, for example, you are a doctor, you you may consider a web platform to provide paid medical consultation service for patients, for example, you are a teacher, you can provide online examination counseling; if you have around you what good high quality and inexpensive products, you An agent can sell online, in store distribution, if you do not have good product channels, you can produce their own products, pricing and then you earn more, such as the production of all kinds of books, such as improving the goods convenient and practical in daily life, and then find manufacturers, online distribution, I think these ideas you do a will keep you busy you earn enough, if the webmaster friends can change ideas, not every day staring at the traffic statistics, how to study how to capture, ad, down-to-earth to do things, the website as a platform, through this platform to study how to provide you with the value of information, valuable service, practical research products, let your visitors to become your customers pay buyers, but not every day to study how to brush flow, how to What collection, how to cheat, I think that Chinese webmaster circles will be a thriving and not Voices of discontent. The webmaster can really do, the contribution to the society, and not for the China Internet manufacturing waste.

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