Push a website from quantitative change to qualitative change


wrote a "push one" celebrity effect to our thinking, many webmaster friends reprinted, or more happy. Do website have no advantage, and some only to the website of love. Today to talk about a quantitative change to qualitative change, as the new owners, is certainly a quantitative change in quantity, such as our website add articles, writing articles, each article are original, each one is careful, if a IP article for you, the 10 100 articles, 1000 articles, it may be the ideal words too, but you think your website even the basic content is not much, the search engine will be included: how much do you have, can bring much traffic to you, if you write the article, each article do the basic optimization, highlight the key words. The probability that the search engines search to your site will improve a lot, we can observe the soft kill -www.sharuan.net.

new webmaster do Links is not easy to find high quality webmaster and give you a link exchange, people to be polite to you refuse, how to do, can only be yourself, find a part of webmaster do link, Sina, in the blog is the use of Sohu, NetEase, such as Baidu (a few the weight of personal feel high, fast search engines) every day to write an article, or two days a. The other is the question asked: Sina, Baidu know, YAHOO knowledge hall, Q & A, 120ask, soso and other Qihoo ask, ask the question, can ask the answer (to do registration support) can answer other people’s questions, then there is Baidu Baidu and Baidu Post Bar know that there is good to your site the article made fanchon, naturally bring your own website keyword connection, insist on a period of time, the article and the chain has been issued by a certain amount, believe that every day can also bring you a lot of traffic, PR will be improved.

Mou Changqing believes in this circle, not that people do not know, if you really do not know, then you certainly do not belong to the webmaster, Mou Changqing why such a high visibility, you can open a look at his blog, he wrote the 100 articles in the website promotion, each one according to his own the website and personal experience, the webmaster see after the very real, for their great help. Imagine, if he does not do website, do not write website promotion article, how can you be in stationmaster circle famous?


, for example, Jiang Likun’s push, created in October 2008, in just half a year, members of the forum registration, traffic, PR, posting every day are steadily increasing. Especially the characteristics of the forum, to help the webmaster analysis and free promotion training, has been a lot of new Adsense support. I believe that if Jiang Likun did not in the "computer enthusiasts" magazine when the web site editor in chief of accumulated experience, and now the push of a certain development is not very good.

to write this article, mainly is to show that the new owners do not easily, the most stupid method can only use the site to add content, increase the chain, insist, if you not do this, your site.

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