Zhong Zhixin website usability for user experience analysis three

old rule, or the introduction: the user can not complete the main reason for the purchase, can only be attributed to the site’s poor usability. Perhaps this success rate varies in different industries and different target users, but it is undeniable that website usability is one of the most important reasons why many websites prevent users from purchasing. The following is then last decomposition, if you have not read the first episode and the second episode of friends in the search for "Zhong Zhixin: the user experience of the website usability analysis (a)", "Zhong Zhixin: user experience analysis of website usability (two) or" pay attention to Zhong Zhixin’s blog and forum webmaster heart.

6, information design,

The design of

information includes registration information, contact information, search information, landing information, etc..

first, the shorter the registration information, the better. If you only need the user’s e-mail address, that’s enough. Then just ask the email address. Don’t ask the others, at most with the user’s name. Be sure to keep in mind that the user is afraid of trouble.

sites attract more users, so don’t ask too many questions at once, as long as the user name and e-mail address is enough to be a registered user. There is no need to ask so much about the personal background of other attacks, so you can remind users to fill in more complete information in the background, so that you can make full use of your web services.

The shorter the

registration is, the better the only exception is that you really want to exclude most of the less serious browsers, and only those highly interested people who want to contact you. If your product is worth millions, so the registration or contact form project does have a little more information, and in the front plus one: Please fill in the following information, we will contact you directly to the director of sales. This will filter out most of those who are not serious and just want to try to register.

The description of the

information must be very clear. Most of the basic information, such as email address, name, that is very simple, a bit more complex may need to be careful, for example, requires the user to fill in how to find our website? Given the option, for example, through search engines, other sites, a friend introduced. Other ways, etc..

in the technical conditions permit, in the process to fill in the user information, the program should first confirm the accuracy of the data format, for example, fill in the Email address is correct, the phone does not appear to be the project whether it contains text.

The organization and layout of

information should be clear. If it is only the email address and name, there is no such problem. If you do need to fill in more details, you should make it clear that different items are classified and visually separated. Don’t put all the items together, so that users can not find even where the problem is.

confirmation page. After the user submits the information, it should be turned to a confirmation page, which should contain at least two parts

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