Personal webmaster sentiment little bit of the station

I haven’t done the website for a long time. I’m taking the liberty to talk to you about my experience. On the whole, the website management needs to persevere, regard it as the hobby, face with the ordinary state of mind.

, the Internet is a lot of achievements in millions or tens of millions, or even billionaires, easy to just enter the industry people, especially young people to mind at a high temperature state, full of hope and confidence in the future, that is equal to enter the profession. But the Nuggets started is this will make a lot of people at a time the setback lost power forward and the beginning of passion, to leave the stage. Identity. In fact, it is a network need long time to explore and research, to develop place to enter the industry must maintain a stable and realistic attitude, slowly to understand it, to understand it can you stop here.

two, the Internet is a public network, it is very wide coverage, your eyes must be placed in a very wide angle, so you can make a good website, when we fail we will look beyond the surrounding market, this kind of ground is too narrow do not understand the local market, so that we will fail, we have now found a successful website, it all flows 90% comes from the search engine and the friendship between friends said, but from his side to the flow of people less and less. By this get to be a success site, site in the major search engine keyword optimization, will greatly work, this depends on your understanding of the extent and network hotspots acuity.

three, are the factors, I personally think that a successful network of people, must have sober mind, on the network of new things, and a keen sense of good psychological quality, of course, the relevant technology of network structure to support you have to understand, although not to let you are a very good the technical staff, but you must understand the relevant information.

welcome everyone to exchange experience,

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