Webmaster friends master the game rules to make your monthly income of million

used to do network management, the knife had played a online game. Feeling that you want to beat your opponent in the game, the basic condition is to master the rules of the game, to master the rules of the game, coupled with targeted exercises. Set up a set of their own play, it is easy to remain invincible in the game.

Internet is like rivers and lakes, in the rivers and lakes, naturally understand the rules of rivers and lakes, like playing games, to understand the rules of the game. I believe that many friends have seen the CCTV Premiere of the "Legend of Bruce Lee", the hero of the story Bruce Lee, the Kung Fu giant created a new type of martial arts, and established its own martial arts system. To a great extent, the Kung Fu giant was respected by the world because he transcended himself and made new rules of the game. From the Kung Fu giant’s struggle, it is easy to see that the premise of making new rules of the game is to be familiar with the existing rules of the game.

Internet development experience, so many years of outstanding figures in us is not difficult to see that the successful model of no more than two. The founder of the first model mastered the existing rules of the game skillfully, and guided the rules of the game to the limit without violating the rules of the game. The second architects, who are familiar with the existing rules of the game, break new ground and draw up new rules of the game, such as what we usually call the new profit model.

gangster gangster game rules and rules of survival, and for those of US internet grassroots grassroots webmaster, many of our friends who may be the first to do stand to make quick money, and then run a brand war, to become a lifelong career. But what can you do to make a quick profit? What station is a brand war that can be built with a lifetime? Teach people to fish, as to teach people to fish! Grass root webmaster are very hard, why the success of less?. The key to the success of the knife is that you don’t know the rules of the grass root webmaster.

often has friends telling me that I want to be a station and earn money right away, but I don’t know what to do. The day before yesterday, a friend read the "webmaster network released September market transactions briefing", followed by I said, he often in Webmaster network forum, a long time ago has done similar "brief" analysis. He is the kind of person who can do several stops at night and then make IP five thousand or six thousand in a month or so. He said love see stationmaster net trading forum for information, people need what he’ll do what, in general, every month he will have one to two stations plus GG revenue, a month basically has revenues of about 6000, good times can be tens of thousands of. For those who often hang out in the webmaster trading forum. This you practice you may wish to try, with "stationmaster network released September market briefing" carries on the analysis to the forum data, that get considerable income is not a very difficult thing in the forum.


wrote the article, he had the opportunity to communicate with jz123.cn’s big brother (online name: circle) for a while. Benefit greatly, this predecessor is too "ruthless" >

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