Novice webmaster do station experience 2 months income of more than 4000 yuan

looked at CNZZ statistics, I love WPE has been running for more than 2 months, this is my first time to have their own forum, as a temporary webmaster. I know, 2 months income of 4000 yuan, for all the webmaster circles is not big, but for the first time to do my site, has been very satisfied. Here, write down the experience that I operated this website (correct name is forum) during these 2 months.

at first, I didn’t want to do what website, just out of their hobby (terminology, WPE: network packet editor, a network packet capture software, it can make some game plug-in, through which the packet interception, then use some package command to defraud the server, in order to achieve some can not be achieved the function of the game. ) set up a few groups and met lots of friends who like WPE as well. With more and more deep exchanges, feeling that QQ group alone is difficult to meet everyone’s technical exchange needs, and there is no online communication forums, so they sprouted themselves to do a forum on WPE.

said the idea out, almost all of the friends group, and we began to help you plan how to do, what domain name ah, what a plate ah, what procedures ah, to the end of the template selection is based on each WPE group Friends of the opinion to do.

said, the domain name is selected,, as the name suggests, I love WPE, and is busy looking for space, setup (Discuz!) and template, refining plate, here really want to thank all the advice and help for the establishment of the group of friends I love WPE.


website built after greeting all the group of friends in the forum, and several positive group Friends of the moderator, even if the Forum opened, looked at his "virgin", was very proud, I also can become the legendary "stationmaster".

because there are many groups of friends support, but some of them still had a group of friends site experience Laoniao, so the forum pages are divided into the differentiation of what is good, choose several of the most popular application of WPE more games, Mir, the legend of the world, World of Warcraft, Dungeon Fighter Online as the main forum, then everyone to add content, the main content is to achieve some of the game without the function using the WPE of the original tutorial, then each WPE group started advertising.

only because of the site (the first WPE Forum), the forum propaganda soon after a lot of game player into our original WPE tutorial is also being sought, but this time the forum began to access but because of some.

Because the original

WPE tutorial realized some game features, such as copying equipment, leveling, gaming and so on, the forum also has some game business concern, more is a dragon SF some of the attention, so.

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