Talking about the phenomenon of runaway website

beware: the things that go up online will also be pulled down. What? "Gravity" on the Internet? Yes, recently I’ve been getting more and more letters from online entrepreneurs about the terrible disaster of their website being out of control. They were online to appreciate the power of Newton’s first law, but not apple, but websites.

how can the site get out of hand? Reasons for ISP or hosting web server companies. Your web server in the hands of the people, a people management website, it is not a problem. This problem does not matter for others, for you will be killed! Especially if you spend money to buy the server hosting, especially online business is your website so if the guy eat, one or two weeks, you stand?

IT opened a number of media, the ISP and server hosting business advertisements for contests, is truly exciting. Some unscrupulous businesses like the same, come out can be difficult, especially the problem of service, point out every two or three days, make you tired, ah, ah, traffic brand business opportunities and so on, the cumulative losses? The other side will not count with you, only your own heart is most clear. So, if you haven’t built a website yet and haven’t decided which gate to enter, you’d better listen to my suggestions.

1. can provide the best choice for 24 hours a day, seven days a week to support weather service businesses. From the advertising point of view, pay attention to the service enterprise not several, mostly focus on their services provided by how much, how cost-effective price, few people think web hosting is most in need of timely technical support. Technical support problem is a global problem, even the cartoonist as a separate subject to satire.

this means that your future ISP can provide timely, live, and human services instead of automatic answering. If your site is out of the question, the other did not timely reply email, or not to answer your phone calls, or as early as possible that another home. You can ask in advance and test it. For an hour, and if there is no response within an hour, go ahead.

2. is almost the same Another hurdle: before you pay, find enough of your current customers and listen to their comments. Don’t go to the other side, recommend your customers, go for yourself. You can go to the other website’s bulletin board, guestbook or chat room to find. If the other party does not have these services and ask for a list of a large number of customers, you can contact them selectively.

3. best in the name of your domain name registration, either way, the purpose is to grasp their own website, to ensure that if because of poor service and converted to ISP, you can take the initiative to protect the rights and interests of each other, and will not be threatened.

4. completes two infrastructure: peeri>

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