Summary of experience how to let Google fast included website

Hello, I am a bit of micro-blog webmaster, brother do standing time is not long, in A5 diving for so long, has not dared to show up, afraid of predecessors jokes. Today, drum up courage, and decided to share some of their experience with the new long master ~ master float. Straight into the topic, today to share with you is how to make the website super fast Google included, and get the ranking. My station is on line 4.30, today is 5.1, less than 48 hours before and after, it is pretty fast, ~

new station to fast speed was Google included, and get the top ranking, specific practice:

1, and use their original old station to new sites do links, every other snapshot, the effect will be better.

2, 5d6d and UU have links exchange section, select the date of the subject thread, SPIDER will see ~

3, have you noticed my user name? yes, that is, in Webmaster network, use your own domain name as account registration. Hey hey ~ note not mess replies, at least to read, and truly express their ideas, administrators will not delete the drop ~

4, Baidu added statistical code, this I have not confirmed whether it is really effective, I do ~ the reason is: install the correct time is in the verification code, Baidu on your site to check, haha ~ Baidu spider is certainly see, right!


5, and now a lot of links, query sites support the generation of static pages, so every other time to check their own domain name, the effect is good, oh,

6, the web site posted on the QQ personalized signature, posted on the surging, really useful Oh, ~

7, seventh is the absolute Nirvana!! didn’t want to say, one reason is that kind of want to keep their meaning, is another reason is the fear of the webmaster friends do not believe ~ ~ Keke: the website posted to Sina to micro-blog, after five minutes spiders come!! pro test ~

Not to mention the

8, Daqi ~ you don’t know, a lot of garbage station on the IP30 million is from this website to, if you are broadband users better ~ also released to the banner to go online, as long as one approved, desperately top posts! Let the posts on the front page, hey ~ ran a group of spiders Gaga

9, as I do now, to share my experiences, experiences and lessons on A5 is a very good

conclusion: there are many ways, here are not listed out, in fact, as long as everyone pays attention to observe, will certainly have a good found!


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