Optimizing websites to avoid cheating

In the

of the site optimization, some optimization measures may have violated the search engine, but we do not know, when we come to that website punished when it was too late to be search engine, so as to optimize the site to memorize all these cheating, don’t make a mistake, make our the healthy growth of the website. The following are some of the summary of cheating:

1. uses the bridge page to jump pages to cheat. The page jump page is a web page designed solely to obtain search rankings for a particular keyword. These pages will not appear in the site navigation, but was used to guide visitors to other pages further into the site, do not pay attention to these pages, but there is a link at the bottom of the page, visitors guide into the real substantive part of the website. These sites on the keywords get good rankings will give visitors guide to the real web page, this page is not what harmful, but it is not what value, so the search engine to collect these ".

2. keywords stacking. Keywords accumulation refers to the excessive repetition of key words superimposed on the web, superposition method is the most basic in some parts of the web page of the visitors can’t see in the HTML file, such as the title tag, description tag, picture tags etc.. This keyword stacking is the easiest way for beginners to cheat.

3. hides text and transparent text. Hide text is to hide text in HTML code, just let the search engine see or make it transparent, so that visitors can not see. There are several general methods, the color of the text and make the page background the same or similar color, color modification of font tags, add keywords in NOFRAMES tags, even if a page does not exist in the noscript framework, add keywords and noscript, even if a page does not exist script, add text in the form of HTML the input encoding type= "hidden", even if the page is not a form. Fine text. The search engine will be punished to the hidden text, so the website optimization personnel put text exposed, this text is in a small font exposed, fine text is to use small font with a keyword in the "inconspicuous place written sentence. Generally, these characters are at the top or bottom of the page, and the colors often appear in the same color as the background color.

4. camouflage. The so-called camouflage camouflage "refers to the use of the way, first determine the visitor is a common browse or search engine, which shows a different page. This is a typical trick search engines cover up, see the web search engine is a part of a serious and general optimization, the viewer sees very different or not.

5. web hijacking. Web hijacking is a complete copy of other people’s web content or the entire site, and then placed in

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