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Two weeks on

, I received a letter from a friend of:

, part of the [email protected] letter

I am 38 years old, his wife, 3 year old children, a family of three, the average monthly income of 5 thousand of my wife, more than 4 thousand children in kindergarten, plus mortgage 3 thousand, place of residence in Shenyang, the second city, the consumption level is not high, I’m tired of the current work, have their own business plan for a long time, want to by creating a web site. I don’t want to do the work now, entrepreneurial ideas for a long time, want to take a holiday now, to concentrate on the site, feel that they do or will be great development space, plans were founded two aspects of maternal website, content related information, hot topics, methods, interactive entertainment and so on, on the basis of also want to start a forum, registered members has increased in popularity, the profit model mainly for advertising. My age is not small, and I do not want to muddle around in this company, please master pointing one or two.

I really can’t give much advice, but if you want to develop in a certain industry, do not have a comprehensive strength in the premise of funds and resources, or do not do platform and the large and complete content, and in advertising as the main income is not reliable, rely on advertising revenue to start a few websites. In fact, can do some industry segments such as micro star service, micro-blog is a good example of the single service do well, then do the industry platform.

this letter also reflects the white-collar class to this stage of life, a strong desire for entrepreneurship. In fact, working out a few years of friends, have a kind of feeling I don’t think the salary is over, not worth mentioning in the prices before, only venture to save his house life. The vast majority of people all around the house, wife, son, no house, no wife, no wife, no son, so the house became a generation marriage of standard products, in addition to the house of the mountain, is the son of the second mountains, the pressure of life become everyone entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial ability is not to enhance the income of seeking job.

before I contacted a restaurant chain boss, she said that there are many brands to join their entrepreneurs are white-collar middle class, in addition to their stable wages, but also do some industrial investment, such as some small breakfast shop, and do not need to spend too much energy to take care of themselves, responsible for the chain brand provide the food products, then please one or two aunt to do sales can be, so that the formation of online popular automatic money mode, but also a lot of middle-class white-collar preferred business model.

in fact, most people do not choose the Internet first, they prefer to open an entity store. Indeed, there is not much success in the Internet business, and for most people who don’t know much about the IT industry, these successes aren’t real. On the other hand, you can see someone else’s shop downstairs or near the company. Business is hot

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