Some analysis of original articles in search engines

now a lot of people think that search engines included in the original content, and even for the ranking can play a certain role. Writing this article today is based on my personal observations over the past few months, some personal analysis. If there is incorrect or missing part of the hope that we can add. Personally, I’d like to discuss it with you. If you are interested, you can add my QQ:24722.

I have written some original articles, so I always pay more attention to the performance of these articles in search engines. During this period, I summed up the experience, search engine for your site of the original text is not sure can be included, the original text included or not, is based on the relevance of your site to decide. For example, if your site is a game category, but you publish articles about certain health topics, then the search engine will be based on your site definition to exclude this article. Maybe you don’t think that’s true. But please be clear about one thing, of course, can not say absolutely, even if there are some sites of the article is collected, it can also be included, and the effect is also good. This also contains the weight of the problem, this aspect will not say, will not seem very wordy, the key I described is its original article is based on the relevance of your site to make a choice.

I have a personal blog, which is written by myself, including some personal diaries. If you follow the words of some articles, then I think the search engine likes it very much. But the result is blog articles included even more difficult, is not the quality of the article? Maybe not, because I published these articles through A5, also been reprinted by a lot of websites. Search engines are more friendly included them. And why do you write things that are not liked by spiders? What’s the problem? I think one of the most important reasons is the definition of my site. What I do is the game promotion station. I published articles are generally no accident, the latest second days was included. And blog content is a special, it is difficult to include, even if put on a 5-6 day, also included not go in. This aspect of the performance illustrates a lot of problems. I don’t know what’s going on with you. That’s how it is with me. And if my article is published in A5, it usually takes a few hours to be searched immediately. Oh, forget it. Here are some of my blog, mainly writing articles on website optimization, and this should be in line with A5’s appetite.

also need to pay attention to, if your original text too much optimization, then it may not bring good results. Sometimes expressed as search engines do not include and so on. Sometimes I try to optimize some articles, but I find they are not included at all. And I carefully observed a good ranking of the article (generally less than 3), found that they did not actually optimize me, and the performance is the best. The reason is that the key word is added. I >

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