The origin of profit how does the sale of group buying website come


introduction: before wrote two "breakdown of domestic group purchase industry wonderful website" article, thanks to the enthusiastic readers and onlookers paizhuan. Before write this article, talk about why I don’t have the data were compared and elaborated the way, but in the form of narrative. That is because the core data are confidential group purchase website (except rice network, who let it be listed companies subsidiary!), the present report data to any third parties need to go through the website group purchase licenses to release, as a result, the real data of each big website is to be elegant. In the future, my article will still be adhering to the previous writing methods, not to compare data.


is getting to the point now. It’s a very interesting thing to study the sales and profits of group buying websites. After that, a lot of unexpected things happen to us:

one, about the origin of group buying website sale (group buying website general practice)

1. normal sales:

normal sales, as the name suggests, is the normal purchase of consumers, according to the site’s traffic, merchants brand, package selection and many other factors to form a true figure.

2. site brush single, virtual sales:

website to form a single brush, virtual sales in this way in the early group purchase many sites are used, because the site to a single brush, can give consumers purchase desire, reduce consumer purchase decision time and cost, and also to the third party data capture, create an illusion of prosperity of announced. Currently, the site’s own brush single way has been abandoned by large group buying site, because it is too obvious, we can observe the website at three time points:

(1) 9:00-10:00, can you see that the number of websites has risen sharply and increased proportionally;

(2) 16:00-18:00, the case is as follows;

(3) 20:00-22:00, as above,

Why does

select the time point for digital control? Because 9:00-18:00 is the manual control of the inside of the website, and 20:00-22:00 is the system setting inside the website. The main reason for choosing the above three time points is that the number of people buying per day peaks at this node.

3. merchant (or BD) purchase of their own sales:

business to buy sales: no group purchase experience must be said: the business is silly B?! originally belonging to the group purchase mode since the loss of 800, the United States 1000 marketing mode, why to buy?! now I tell you.

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