ntroduce some creative ways to get a good name

wants to take a good name, the traditional way of narrative may no longer fit the current name, success requires more creative. In fact, a lot of shop name ideas, take a good note and resounding name, non policy "edge ball" is not it? Some industry insiders therefore summed up a good name and good advertising words, good brand name of several major creative ways for reference:

1. comprehensive type: the enterprise business and auspicious words to combine performance, such as "downwind car".

2. implies: not direct, indirect cues, such as "instant" fast food restaurant.

3. pun: a phrase with a double meaning, do not have meaning, such as "a man of striking appearance" watch shop.

4. warning: this approach can produce unexpected surprises, such as "20 years later" beauty shop.

5. irony type: the use of irony, cleverly out the product features, such as "do not know" typing shop.

6. emotional type: such as a coffee shop with "free to sit" as an ad.

7. type: humor with a witty and humorous but very healthy word name, can deepen customer impression.

how to make creative names can also be legitimate, this is the numerous shopkeepers worries that, with such a small series of creative ways described above, if you take now to store a creative good name, you know how to do?

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