Porridge porridge seven days of health to join the project support

eat this is a never fading topic, because people have to eat to live. Healthy body can not be separated from the regulation of diet. In the process of Chinese health concept increasingly permeate people in the health care food has become a hot demand for mass consumption, including health porridge has become more and more people’s choice on the market in the gruel house is more and more. The appropriate porridge is subject to frequent regimen of public recognition, can be a part of food, are suitable for everyone. Investment porridge house to create a healthy future wealth! Porridge is also a university, with its own unique culture. Health porridge is the main purpose of conditioning the body, to achieve the effect of health care. A porridge porridge porridge seven days of health, subject to the favor of consumers, a porridge porridge for seven days, how to join


porridge porridge seven days to join the project to support

one, join the following join service support

1, planning support: a porridge seven days, the whole chain planning, brand operation, product mix, marketing strategy, advertising ideas and put into operation by the well-known operating agencies to ensure that investors profit.

2, advertising support: "seven days old" brand advertising locked network television magazines in the focus, to enhance the "porridge seven days" brand in the whole society’s visibility and reputation, to ensure that each store brand intangible assets appreciation.

3, technical support: technician for each store students to use the theory and practice of combining the actual operation of the handle, a comprehensive grasp of a variety of technologies, until fully learned, and distribution of technical information.

4, unified image decoration: to provide the overall design of the store and related promotional items.

shop support – after you invest the company will provide the following services:

opening guidance: the company offers business promotion programs. Technical training: the company will provide free health porridge, pie, clear porridge, such as the production of more than 160 kinds of products.

publicity: the company will be free to provide some special paper cup packaging, standard tableware and promotional materials to make programs to ensure the hot opening.

after sales management services

In order to further improve the

related services, to further standardize the market, service market, the full realization of the company "customer first, service first" principle of service, fast and efficient service to customers, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, expand customer service service scale and scope. A porridge seven days (China) operations center has been set up

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