The reality of the real estate market Cinderella

fairy tale Cinderella of ups and downs, reversing their own destiny, in real life, by virtue of their entrepreneurial strength, rewrote its own pattern of life Cinderella also exist, her story is also wonderful.

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the CEO Marcello camberos said Ipsy? To the user a $10 monthly fee, "GlamBag" beauty package to their beauty, contains five kinds of samples, the service subscribers has exceeded 1 million mark. Marcello was a senior executive at FunnyorDie, a funny site, who co founded the company in 2011.

and raising nearly $72 million, using the traditional television advertising and store sales of rival Birchbox, Ipsy said his order, mainly from the pan wide social coverage.

Birchbox declined to comment. But in April last year, they announced that the number of subscribers reached 800 thousand. However, unlike Ipsy, Birchbox is still in its online store selling full size beauty products, this part of the income that the company accounted for 30% of the total revenue of $125 million.

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