The girl fell into the fire stove for 200 thousand severe facial burns surgery

last month, Yingshan County, a 3 year old girl in the fire when a plunge into the stove, resulting in large area of facial burns, respiratory tract and therefore damaged. According to the hospital said the surgery may be more than 200 thousand yuan, the family can not afford secretly cry.

Fell from the chair

for fun, sitting on the side of the stove alone to climb on the rocking chair qianqian. Who knows, due to excessive force and slip of the hand, climb on a rocking chair, Qianqian swooping Zaijin coal stove fire burning, "at that time, the whole face are planted in Qian qian." Speaking of Qian Qian’s injury, the more than and 40 year old middle-aged man straight tears in her eyes. Second days after the incident, perennial in Chengdu, a site to do the external wall decoration Huang Guomin rushed to the hospital.


chatted about the family situation, Huang Guomin said, they have four children, the eldest (female) 23 years old this year, never graduated from junior high school to go out to work, only the annual spring festival may come back. Second (male) 17 years old this year, but due to illness caused by a little mental illness, often a person inexplicably ran out, until the middle of the night will come back." In addition to a 7 year old son and 3 year old Qian qian.

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