Suitable for 80 of our business rich project

with the development of the times, and now there are many young people are faced with the situation of unemployment, rising prices so that a lot of people feel the pressure, then a thousand dollars a small entrepreneurial achievements of 80 million millionaires. Perhaps thousands of dollars in the eyes of some people just eat a meal, drink a bottle of wine, but for entrepreneurs, this is a few thousand dollars to build the cornerstone of this small entrepreneurial myth! After 80 female college students entrepreneurial story for us to light up the wisdom of small businesses.

A did not get a diploma students, with 6000 yuan investment in small business, she now owns two companies, is a small boss. Thousands of pieces of money can do what, after the girls, she is how to use the $6000 small business investment, with 2 companies in 5 years? Thousands of pieces of money can do what, for 5 years, she had her shirt and striking one snag after another, hand-painted shoes small business, through the network to China Hongkong wholesale the United States, and France, are talking about business with the wind he confidently dreamed of listing.

"because of love, so choose." Li Wen answer this small business reasons. Small business, Li Wen after graduating from Shanghai to work more than a year in Shanghai, he saw someone wearing a "three English war Lv Bu" line drawing T-shirt, feel very interesting, want to buy can not buy, think this is a business. Later on the clothing online direct sales PPG advertising to the inspiration of Li Wen venture, he felt, if you do a customized and personalized personality T-shirt sales of personalized website, should be very promising."

6000 dollars

helpless in reality the dream "as the dream into reality, you will find the reflection of reality"

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