What are the preferential policies for College Students

students are no longer what strange things, because students have many bottlenecks, there are many difficulties, so many places with many preferential policies and support for them, what are the specific? Might as well take a look at!

A, enterprise registration

procedure more simplified

except national restrictions industries, the business sector since the approval of its business within 1 years from the registration of individual industrial and commercial households fees (including registration, change of registration, fill in charge), individual industrial and commercial households management fees and certificate fees. To participate in a private association, waive its 1 year membership fee. The college graduates bid for high-tech enterprises (including limited liability company), the minimum limit of the registered capital of 100 thousand yuan, such as financial difficulties, allowing its staging position; name of application can be "high tech", "new technology", "high-tech" as the industry approved. College graduates engaged in community service and other activities, the neighborhood committee reported to the location of the Administration for Industry and Commerce for the record, within 1 years of exemption from the registration of industrial and commercial registration, free of business management fees.

reminder: according to individual Industrial and Commercial Bureau staff, the relevant policies have been implemented, college graduates in the relevant formalities of self-employed, in addition to bring all the required materials, put forward the relevant application, but also to bring the university graduates employment recommendation, graduation certificate and other relevant information.

two, financial loans

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