Hu Keqian’s clothing chain to join the entrepreneurial story

venture Road is difficult, want to own their own business must have a firm and indomitable will and indomitable heart, Hooke lead by his actions and results proved that he had to insist on, do not want to use the strength to start their own business.

1997, in Yiwu to do business with the help of a friend, 19 year old Hooke lead his father to give up to $20 thousand, came to Yiwu alone. He had 3 helpers, opened a clothing store "me.". In the first few months, Hooke lead with a superb craftsmanship and good service, won a number of fixed customers. At that time, handmade clothing is very popular in Yiwu at the time, on the one hand,   variety is not very rich, people demand for fashion is very urgent; on the other hand, he paid attention to service is, as far as possible to meet customer demand, coupled with his clothes made of personal comfort, so business is booming.

1999 at the beginning of the year, Hu Keqian’s several stores business is very good, which makes him breeding ambition. Hu Keqian borrowed about 500000 yuan of money, do a pants factory. However, the consequences of aggressive, Hooke young suffered defeat lead – judgment, his trousers factory was built soon, the market began to pop up casual pants, trousers gradually abandoned by the majority of young people to follow the trend of the time "". The casual pants and expensive equipment costs, greatly beyond the financial strength of Hu Keqian. The market can not solve the problem of producing trousers, trousers factory only in the opening 8 months after being forced to collapse.

set after the failure of Hooke lead facing a very difficult situation: not only burdened with debts, and the original business partners and friends are naturally or half unconsciously alienate him, bring great pressure to him. But this failure also makes him more deeply remember the importance of the market awareness.

Hooke lead

Hooke lead

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