How to do a good job in the early planning

many entrepreneurs choose to shop, in fact, if you want to continue to profit in the process of operation, early planning is critical, entrepreneurs need to do a full preparation work in the business early, so how to do business in the early stage of planning?

1, the development of new stores in the development of strategic planning in the opening of new stores, the future development of new stores to carry out strategic planning.

speed shop, such as shop scale, new store development prospects. In the search for new business opportunities, there are usually two options: first, the existing retail stores in the city to add new retail points; the two is not yet opened in the development of the city set up a new retail point. The first case is easy to make decisions, and the second usually requires a more comprehensive, systematic decision-making process. For individual investors, shop plans often should pay more attention to short-term business forecasts rather than long-term planning.

2, conduct market research to determine the intention to shop

3, select the store format and retail size

4, select the shop area

choose to shop areas, usually to analyze their business advantage, first in less competitive center city shop, and then as the axis of radiation to the surrounding city, this is a relatively safe method.

5, site investigation and selection of


chose to shop in the city, to conduct in-depth and detailed analysis of the values, determine the specific address of the shop. Usually have the conditions of the shop should have the following four characteristics: first, the selected lots and its brand image match; two is convenient transportation; the traffic is big enough for the three; the second is to choose the right competitors. In retailing, the competitors are usually used as a benchmark to attract the target customers and adjust the business strategy.

6, set up shop plan and implement

7, shop business

when the clerk, goods, retail store layout have been arranged after the shop to make a plan, to give consumers a good impression of the shop.

8, the performance evaluation of the new shop

The change of

should pay special attention to the performance of the new shop, often of pin >

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