Market Research leather beauty is the most lucrative industry in 2011

more and more people to buy leather goods, leather goods filled with every corner of life. Chinese leather market is huge, the resulting leather cosmetic market prospects, leather is beauty, maintenance, cleaning, washing and dyeing of leather, renovation, repair, including leather shoes, leather sofa, car cushion, leather clothing, leather bags and other leather products.


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leather beauty is a technical job, if can not accurately identify the types of leather, leather, tools or using improper use, nursing operation technology by blind operation, will cause serious damage to leather, causing irreparable economic losses. So, to do leather beauty first through rigorous technical training. Learn to identify the types of leather, and then according to the different types of leather, the degree of dirt, damage, color, quality style, the development of the corresponding nursing process.

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leather wrinkling, available iron, available temperature between 60 DEG ~70 deg. When you want to use a thin cotton cloth as a hot cloth, while moving the iron; leather lost luster, can be used to polish leather polish, do not use leather shoes to wipe. Generally one or two years – sub light, you can keep the leather soft and shiny, and can extend the service life; leather is often the best use, and commonly used fine cloth wipe. If the rain damp or moldy, use a soft dry cloth to wipe water stains or mildew; such as leather stained with drink, immediately with a clean cloth or sponge to the dry, wipe with wet cloth, let dry naturally, do not use hair dryer cylinder; if stained with grease, can use dry cloth to wipe clean and the rest by its natural dissipation, or detergent, do not use water scrubbing; skin.

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