How to join the old shop

old general visibility is relatively high, has a huge market appeal, has a huge market competitiveness, is the first choice for many entrepreneurs to join, then, how to join the old shop? Xiaobian below for you to collect some information, I hope to be helpful to you.

identify "time-honored"

"time-honored" due to lack of legal consciousness, the degree of attention for their own business goods and trademark is not enough, there are a large number of similar "time-honored".

to join them, "time-honored" is not only a sign, it is the wealth of the enterprise. If the franchisee is not careful, joined a "Li Gui" open "old", that is "old" it is not only difficult to obtain operating profit, more likely to be a lawsuit, trouble.

depends on its processing technology can be popularized in

"time-honored" although has experienced hundreds of years of wind and rain, has deep processing technology, but "time-honored" if the chain, how can the first to popularize the first problem to be solved is the processing technology, how to produce the same goods, can be used with standard digital state otherwise probably just Huaquanxiutui franchisees learned, useless.

"time-honored" to develop, is the first to solve the problem of product. Many of the early "time-honored" at birth, has many accidental and unexpected, in the product processing process is often only through some of the words and deeds of the sense of the standard, not by the data standardization process an accurate representation of the goods. The production of these ambiguous products led to the franchisee can not produce processing out of the old name of the refined products.

to see whether it is to adapt to market changes

"change the pass, long general." For the "time-honored", the franchisee is a brand, a technology, a chance, and franchisees could face a society to make the myriads of changes, "the time-honored" products in a hundred years later still put light color, is a difficult problem for the time-honored "and the union itself.

> "time-honored" production