What kind of tea to join the chain investment

tea as a very important kind of drink, has a very high popularity, as long as the business opportunities are correct, the right way to operate, making money will be very simple. However, the current large number of tea market brands, which will undoubtedly bring difficulties to people’s choice. So, what kind of tea to join the chain project worth investing? Let me see small series of.

huge market demand for tea and the gradual rise of the market prospects, attracting a wave of people who went to the gold rush. Tea is not only a thousand years of living habits, but also in recent years, the rise of the concept of health and health promotion of life, became the first major health care market. Because for consumers, tea can health, why should I take medicine? Therefore, the choice to join the tea project, tea or tea to join agents, is correct, because it has a huge market base and growth rate is staggering.

in such a market situation, on the tea to join the chain of various projects have surfaced. This situation for those who want to join the project investment tea people, on the one hand is a good thing, because we can have more business options, seize the rich business opportunities; on the other hand but also because the knowledge of people who do not want to invest in the project of tea with the tea market, also do not know the relevant market and the operation method when selecting a project, always confused by many dazzling tea merchants information. Today, I would like to open the fog, take you to analyze what kind of tea project is worth investing in.

first, there is no selling tea.

good tea is first to drink, and then to be able to raise. OK, we can drink it. At tea time, we want to make clear two points: 1, the taste is not reached the headquarters said; 2, drink after we can clear the tea and other tea what is different, there is no difference advantage.

in addition, we have to focus on the test data of tea. Because a lot of things we can not drink it, so we have to rely on other means, such as testing, so a look at the test results, you know what’s in the tea, which is good for the body, at a glance. So we do not have to be confused by the text of the fog, because the data is always the most honest.

second, tea project headquarters have no control of this tea varieties.

sometimes we met the good tea, but because the company operating varieties are filling the streets, makes us in a very passive situation. Therefore, to ensure the quality of tea, we have to look at the headquarters of the operation of this tea control. Will lead to too much homogenization of competition, can not establish barriers to competition, effective protection of their own market

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