‘m a singer who’s been spit bad songs from KTV

reality show is more and more, Hunan satellite TV, I am a singer is also a concern, every day on the headlines Jun, but also a variety of tucao. I was a singer was spit bad is also expected, no new ideas, all the songs from the original KTV music.

but the program has been a lot of friends tucao. Before there are a lot of friends in a number of micro signal inside ridicule. But in the fourth quarter, also failed to escape ridicule program has become a "million KTV chorus" picture. Zhao Zhao Hacken Lee, Coco Lee to the letter, as well as the love song Prince Jeff Chang, in the program inside the song selection of stereotyped are some of the KTV inside the golden.

Some of the guests invited in the first

programs which are some "breathing" of the star, although once glorious, but it is still not a popular singer smell. Although the director group had invited some of the popular singer, but they have been rejected. That’s why it’s the star lineup.

and when the song, it is a technical thing, while on the show, everyone’s songs are some KTV songs. Do not inject fresh elements, these programs may also be more and more not accepted by the audience.

and now there are a lot of reality show more and more Tucao, and will cause visual fatigue of some of the audience is also in a lot of time.



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