Hong Kong sland to raise the mayor of black pig financing

modern people attach great importance to food safety, which is actually a very good business opportunities. There is an area of more than and 600 acres called "Zhang East Island" island in the Ningbo Xiangshan County Sizhou town crab in Hong Kong, from the beginning of March this year, the original abandoned island into a group of black pig paradise, the black pigs foraging freely on the island, free to roll, in the mud beach run wild life is very loose ".

this group of pigs have a unified name – "black pig island", the island and the black pig owner called Huang Yudi, 27 years old this year, graduated from China University of Political Science and Law in 2006. He told reporters that he would like to next year, his island black pig sent to the table of Ningbo, he also wanted to encourage him to start his own business, to help finance the mayor Liu Qi personally taste his pork.

10 17, a reporter with the Huang Yudi shore from Xiangshan Dancheng drove nearly 40 minutes to sizhoutou town crab in Hong Kong, Zhang East Island nearly 1000 meters away from the shore. The middle of the island is the towering mountains, lush vegetation, is surrounded by a slightly flat slope and coastal beach, far to see the slope on the four red blue roof huts.


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