Wuzhen nternet entrepreneurship nnovation Service Center inaugurated yesterday


engaged in Internet related work, these two days will focus on the dynamic tiny spots of Wuzhen. Discussion on the world Internet Conference will herald the next year, the direction of the Internet in the field. Closely related to Internet entrepreneurs.

to venture in Wuzhen young people during the world Internet Conference, and will have a heavy good news. Yesterday, the Wuzhen Internet entrepreneurship Innovation Service Center Preparatory Office held the unveiling ceremony. Including Zhongguancun Internet Financial Services Center, Sadie, a large number of educational institutions settled. In the future, want to show their skills in the field of the Internet, young people, and more than a booster in their entrepreneurial road courageously forward a powerful booster.

The founder of

"national policy information distribution in different ministries, although many are interlinked development and support of small and medium-sized enterprises, but decentralized, fragmented, in different regions and industry attributes do not systematically, the lack of a summary classification and information integration platform, the ones showing the decree of vocabulary, read the serious professional is not easy to understand, for many local enterprises is a kind of high cold." Zhu Jin found a lot of entrepreneurs, especially small and medium-sized owners are eager to understand the national macroeconomic policies to promote their own growth, accelerate the pace of strategic development, but have no professional information publishing and reading channels, resulting in capital returns and market development are often caught in the predicament.

offers policy information, there are institutions dedicated to small business incubator. Beijing entrepreneurial road coffee company, is also known as garage coffee is undoubtedly one of the first ring. As the world’s first theme of the coffee shop, it provides the early entrepreneurial team with a cheap office environment and the most smooth exchange and cooperation platform.   entrepreneurs only need a cup of coffee a day per person cost, you can enjoy a day of free open office environment. It can be said that the garage is not only a low-cost car Cafe office space, but also the investor’s project library. Today, the garage coffee to bring this model into Wuzhen.

and government technology services (Beijing) Co., Ltd. to "walk" concept, is committed to the incubation ecosystem to build technology companies covering the entire chain of life, its business has been settled in the recommended Cafe

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