Repeat display to improve customer focus

shelves so much, but the product is so few, we are empty shelves, or the goods on display? In fact, if the store can be repeated display, will be able to improve customer attention, thereby enhancing store sales, increased profits.

commodity market, due to the listing of goods is not sufficient, often new products on the several styles, customers often exist, and so on, and so on more than some of your goods, you can have more choices when purchasing psychology. This time, for the store, is the largest profit sales time. Therefore, we must find a way to let customers wait to dispel the psychological, immediately make a decision to buy.

in fact, we all know, when the new market, the seller is relatively small, relatively high profits, if in accordance with the normal display method, no matter how the display can not cause a large number of new products listed momentum. This requires us to take repeated display strategy, in the most prominent position in the window display, and display in multiple places, repeat display, create a visual impact, in order to improve the attention degree, expand the probability of purchase.

At the end of the

season, some products are often broken code phenomenon, for broken code serious products, as far as possible in a significant position display. These products are often pre selling goods, as a result of the end of the season can not be replenishment, so even though the relevant note, but sales are not. So, at the end of the season, we should try to put the goods in a significant position.

how to display the goods, in fact, are exquisite skills, but also for the development of the store business will have a very big influence. Therefore, if we want to open a business hot shop, in the product display above also need to master more skills oh.

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