Ministry of finance will continue to increase tax incentives to promote small and micro enterprises

scared you because the whole social entrepreneurship have become more and more, there are many Small and micro businesses survive is also faced with hitherto unknown difficulties, in order to promote the development of confidence, Small and micro businesses to bring people some venture further recently, the Ministry of finance will continue to increase small and micro enterprises preferential tax to promote entrepreneurship.

for the new normal in the current economy, Small and micro businesses tax cuts will bring pressure on local finance. Wang Jianfan said that due to the gradual implementation of tax cuts, some tax cuts in the implementation of the effect of a few years ago has been gradually released, the overall impact on the central and local financial limited.

"this is the tax policy according to the economic situation changes and adjustments in the results, but also reflects the tax play the role of macro-control." Wang Jianfan said that for some effective measures will be considered in the future through the tax legislation fixed.

now some Small and micro businesses in the development of the whole society is particularly important, especially it can solve some problems of social employment exist, by fostering the development of some Small and micro businesses can also make some people more willing to venture.


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