Preferential policies for college students entrepreneurship

to support college students entrepreneurship, central and local governments have introduced a number of preferential policies, involving financing, opening up, taxation, entrepreneurship, training, entrepreneurial guidance, and many other aspects.

– Shanghai:

offers a number of College Students Entrepreneurship

1. graduates entrepreneurship four preferential policies

2. 100 million students each year to help entrepreneurs

Technology Entrepreneurship

2005 in March, the city government launched the college students venture capital fund. Every year 50 million yuan, invested $150 million for the past three years to support entrepreneurship as soon as possible". As of the end of 2005, a total of 172 projects to obtain venture capital fund, the total amount of aid amounted to $24 million 754 thousand, the company incorporated more than and 110.

3. college students Angel Fund maximum 300 thousand

– Beijing: unemployed college students can apply for small loans to

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