Lanzhou University selected by the layers of entrepreneurial success

compared to overseas students, only a short while ago, said Chinese students lack the spirit of innovation, can only echo what the books say. But in the current management activities, college students began to prove their strength of innovation and entrepreneurship.

1 31, the reporter learned from the Lanzhou University, the school students to participate in the red maple entrepreneurial team in Shanghai, Chuansha new town cup, the first national talent contest finals. After fierce competition, the team’s "super high pressure direct conversion of enzymatic extraction technology of collagen peptide and the product" project won the judges and the professional investment institutions of praise, won the competition two prize and the prize of twenty thousand yuan.

the contest there were from all over the country more than 60 universities competed in more than 20 thousand students, which lasted nearly six months, finally through participating institutions selection layers and the region three in the regional finals again selected 10 outstanding entrepreneurial projects from more than and 200 participating project talent shows itself in the finals. Among them, Professor of chemistry and chemical engineering Lanzhou University Xiao Jianxi guidance "ultra high enzymatic extraction technology of direct conversion of collagen peptide and the product" entrepreneurial projects in the selection, through continuous improvement projects and business plan, and ultimately to the regional tournament for the first grade, the finals.

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