Do not know what to do Five strokes teach you to find investment

Guide: a lot of people may not be aware of what they have to give up the initiative of the road of entrepreneurship, which is very regrettable and regrettable practice. So what do not know what to do? This paper gives five strokes, so that investors really find their own investment points.

1: consider your interests, do what you like best, just make work fun. You can better develop in this industry.

2: analyze your experience, do what you do best. Professional identity, will let you in a lot of things handy.

3: take a look at your financial situation, a few million, may not be able to do any big investment. On the one hand, you can be your own life security, choose a platform to work and study. On the other hand, you can try some of the low investment industries, such as self-employed, small vendors, online stores. Gradually accumulate costs and channels.

4: here to emphasize the relationship channel, this is the accumulation of social life. One more channel equals one more chance. Often make a fortune. This is not unreasonable.

5: the appropriate also should consider the business area. This is more complicated. It’s also a personal experience. To be a businessman, you need to have some commercial sense of smell. To what area, it is easy to estimate what to do. You can also consult the local investment advisory companies, and even the trade and industry bureau. They might give you a lot of inspiration.


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