Do not arbitrarily cut prices

fierce competition, the business is not good to do, many shops in order to attract consumers will reduce the price of goods. This spring, on the opposite side of the road and the opening of a tobacco store. The size of the shop is not small, the business area of more than and 80 square meters. In our small town, the original population is not much, the source is limited, and now suddenly came up with a new supermarket, which directly affects the business of several shops around us. The boss of this shop is a 80 after the young man, opened soon, he and several shops near the boss launched a price war. Over the past few months, the source of my shop obviously see less, for this reason, I was bored, helpless.

this morning, from the opposite side of the road into a strange middle-aged man, he came in the door and asked: "boss, there is a" diamond (Red China) "it?" I quickly answered, took a "diamond" (Chinese red) from the shelf and handed it to him. The middle-aged man took the "diamond" (Red China) and looked at it for a while and then asked, "how much is it?"" I replied: "150 yuan a."

just saw a middle-aged man that hesitant look, I pointed to the shelf attached to the tobacco companies issued a unified price tag said to him: "my store cigarettes are all from the formal channels of purchase, fake a penalty ten, please rest assured to buy!" The middle-aged man listened to laugh, he readily took out the money to pay the cigarette. Before leaving, the middle-aged man told me that he just go across the street to the store to buy cigarettes, the price of cigarettes sold there although some lower, but there is no price tag, to buy gifts he smoke, lest the fakes, so they did not dare to buy cigarettes in there.

it makes me ponder for a long time, but also let me understand: the original, the price is not necessarily free to bring good business.

in my shop not far away, is a newly established Cangzhou – Dezhou bus station, from 6:30 am to start operating. I observed that a lot of people waiting at the bus station every day. So, I will be used in this part of the potential consumer groups. I have all kinds of goods shop display layout re adjustment and division, will showcase the cigarette on the front of the store’s most prominent position, make people not far from the car is easy to see in the cigarette smoke cabinet; display neat appearance, the tobacco companies issued the price tag corresponding to put in front of each a cigarette; tobacco monopoly retail license I was hanging on the door rushed on the wall, let the customer door to be clear at a glance.

my shop is not less than 50 meters away from the bus station, at the entrance of the shop will be able to clearly see the situation of the car stop, the bus station is open, usually, people waiting for the car in the sun drying. In summer, I deliberately put up a simple shed in front of the store, and put a few small bench, waiting for people to rest. Every day, on the bus

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