Choose the wrong five rural entrepreneurial mentality

in the home to promote entrepreneurship policy, many people try to tap the blank market, have to go to the countryside to start a business. However, there are many differences between rural investment and urban investment, with the wrong point of view to the countryside, the results will be better than the loss.

should be how to deal with?

1, the first speculative mentality is coveted project

2, second

is betting on government support speculative mentality

3, third kinds of speculative mentality is making money

agricultural investment profits, whether plant or products, often with their inseparable. There are two basic forms of land ownership in China: one is the ownership of all land owned by the state, that is, the collective ownership of land collectively owned by the working people. In short, it is divided into rural collective owned and state-owned, and once the current change to the latter, often will have a huge value added. This led to some of the potential value of the land to the coveted "so-called investment ulterior motives, into the field of agriculture. But in fact, in the final analysis of the land or farmers, even if the land

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