Automotive beauty shop location technology sharing

automotive beauty industry in the moment has been a very good development, for entrepreneurs, choose to open a store is a good idea to help them succeed in getting rich. In the shop before, everyone is entangled in the choice of shops. Automotive beauty shop should be how to choose? Location must be combined with their own situation, after the election of the most appropriate, it is very important. Next, the location of the shop, small series have introduced, want to know, then look at it!

first, the place is big enough to choose to do a one-stop professional beauty friends, at least 300 square meters, can have 1-2000 square meters, what can be done! If you just do beauty, then 200 square meters can be. It should be noted that this is the area of the shop, excluding the area outside the parking. That’s another thing!

second, the location of the best distance from the downtown area straight line distance of 5 km away, too far away from the traffic is not large enough, not enough popularity. Too close, one is too expensive rent, two is likely to cause traffic jams, and the other is easy to cause the attention of the relevant departments, checked detained all day is not good on the three.

third, the location depends on the roadside, the road can not be a single line, the best way is not isolated or green belt, otherwise the car is not good turn into the store. There is enough parking at the gate, at least 10 cars can be stopped. Otherwise, the Spring Festival will be enough for you.

fourth, the rent is best not too outrageous, beauty in this line of their own profit is low, if the money is only enough to pay the rent to pay the water and electricity, it might as well not do it. So small and medium cities, the rent is higher than 40 yuan / square meter, it can only be abandoned. Big city is higher than 80 yuan / square meter, that is also difficult to do.

fifth, the rental unit facade better than the election of the private facade, the unit’s leadership is good to speak, of course, you will be a man! No private facade Qingmian can speak, it is not about money about the heart of gold, leaving no gold, please leave.

open a car beauty stores, select the right location is very important, it is the entrepreneur can not be ignored. Automotive beauty shop should be how to choose? Location must be combined with the above points, and according to their own circumstances, these are very important. After the election of a good location, we have to pay attention to is that we must make good use of relevant skills. For these, now we know? Act quickly!

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