Anhui provincial leaders to exchange business innovation experience

in such a era of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial experience some social communication is a crucial part, recently, some important leaders of Anhui province led the team to Sichuan for the exchange of entrepreneurial experience.

8 27 afternoon, Sichuan Anhui two province science and technology innovation forum held in Chengdu, on how to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation". From Anhui Province, the relevant provincial departments and 16 prefecture level cities of the relevant person in charge, how the provincial government departments to promote county government to promote scientific and technological innovation, state-owned fund will have a breakthrough where policy issues of venture capital institutions to entrepreneurial front-end, promote scientific and technological achievements, Sichuan and colleagues. On science and technology finance, we are the integration of government funds to enlarge, the two is in accordance with the fully market-oriented approach to professional operations, nearly three years of investment in small and micro enterprises have been listed three new board." A surplus power science and technology financial services platform for speech attracted the chairman of Anhui investment group.

Vice governor of

now for some domestic entrepreneurs to give a very good help, at the same time, now around the government departments attach great importance to the whole social entrepreneurial activities, actively take some good social policies to help entrepreneurs entrepreneurship.


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