2012 the most promising entrepreneurial ideas

2012 years has come, what are the market this year, venture capital ideas? And now all network Xiaobian a look together. The office has posted a statement to ban smoking, and offenders fined, and this can be difficult for many smokers. In fact, from father to boyfriend, around a lot of people smoking, I repeatedly persuaded to get the answer is to quit, but can not quit. This time the little wealth, I think around these smokers, quitting the market is really profitable? Friends introduced a Chinese medicine to promote smoking cessation center, said it was doing very well.

this medicine to promote smoking cessation Center opened in Sports Road South Securities Building, glass facade lined with green signs, very simple. The smoking cessation center is divided into two main areas, spacious consultation and treatment area plus two separate clinics. LCD screen on the wall is playing a variety of hazards of smoking, and on the shelves of books on the shelf, smoking and health information can be read at random. Reporters chose to visit at noon, quit smoking center business is not too busy, Miss Lu manager chatted with reporters for a while.

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reputation but also attach importance to the promotion of

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