SPF the better

is everyone’s dream for women have white skin, but not all people can want good skin, sunscreen work to do, the summer is a sunny day, the glare of the sun so that people can’t even open your glasses. This time, a lot of people began to choose a high SPF sunscreen, then sunscreen is not the higher the SPF better? We still go through real data.

first not superstition high SPF SPF sunscreen, SPF is not the higher the better. Although the high SPF coefficient can effectively prevent the UVB ray, it has no effect on UVA ray. The real killer of the human immune system, accelerate skin aging and increase the risk of skin cancer is a big killer UVA. Therefore, sunscreen is not the higher the SPF, we should pay attention to the choice of direction.

is not the higher the SPF the better the problem for sunscreen, people have appeared on the market a variety of sunscreen do a survey. Data show that SPF is only one aspect, is not a panacea. Therefore, do not want to tan sister to gradually realize that sunscreen is not the higher the better spf.

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