Famous liquor brand agent project summary

liquor in China’s beverage market remained stable status, so the choice of agent brand liquor project, for investors, is the best choice. What is the choice of brand liquor agents? The following major brands must not miss.

1, Lang

2, Xifeng

Xifeng began in the Shang Dynasty, flourished in the Tang and Song Dynasties? Dating back more than 2600 years of history, as far as the Tang Dynasty has been classified as treasures, is one of China’s famous wine. Fengxiang is a folk legend of Phoenix middle place is Qishan, Phoenix story Fengming flute. After the Tang Dynasty, and Taiwan is located west of Fengxiang, said the west. Hence the name of the wine. This wine in the history of the Tang Dynasty that is "mellow and elegant, Gan Runting Shuang, all taste coordination, long tail net" as a treasure. Su Shi worked in Fengxiang, very fond of this wine, had "Liulin wine, Liu East Lake, woman hand (craft)" of the poem, then become a favourite tale. Companies leading products Xifeng, on behalf of Chinese Feng liquor originator. Xifeng elegant mellow Ganrun, very cool, the coordination of various taste, style and long tail net, become an independent school. The "not on top, not dry throat,     pleasant aftertaste", also known as the "three", known as "Phoenix wine".

3, Jiannanchun

the above mentioned three well-known liquor brand agent in China project, wine market, with the largest consumer groups, choose to join this kind of famous brand, will bring more business advantages for businesses to join, the prospect of unlimited, do not miss.

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