Catering enterprises cross regional chain operation

restaurant chain brand countless, catering enterprises are emerging markets, dessert shops, hot pot restaurants, Western restaurants, such as stars, including the success of the case is not in the minority. South Beauty fire, out of Beijing, to the country.

and other tens of thousands of catering entrepreneurs, also began to come out, the restaurant to a business district, the business expanded into a city. Overnight, we suddenly found that restaurants can make big money, you can do big business, the restaurant owner can also grow into entrepreneurs.

What is the first step,

The development of

The most basic conditions:

Chinese provided in even KFC meal products, such as Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, preserved egg congee, Dragon Twister, different from the foreign market, but in China this vast range of markets, each KFC are the same. Therefore, if your location does not have the universality of cross regional, it is best not to stay in situ!

1, who is the target customer? What is the demand?

in the food service industry, target customers a variety of senior administrative and business professionals, office workers, factory workers, travel journey, students, and so on; they need every kind of recommendation.

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