3 tips for choosing the right target market

many entrepreneurs for the choice of the industry is very confused, do not know how to do. In fact, on the market, many entrepreneurs do not want to be restricted, they often believe their creation has broad appeal, they always imagine more services industry, geographic population and application.

1. deliver real value quickly? Early customers should be satisfied with the use of a product that has not been flooded. They must be involved in the R & D process, providing a wealth of product characteristics and early use without glitches. Is there a customer department that will ease the pain even in part?

2. access to a large number of customers? Venture startups that work with just one customer create a product that will be too specific and not easily duplicated. Entrepreneurs should work with a small group of initial users to ensure that their products can be widely used.

3. can be linked to similar industries? Sales of a start-up to a market will lead to a positive cash flow. But to grow up, it will eventually diversify. This requires the formation of a case in the first market for customers to solve the problem, and the subsequent market buyers, even if the product needs substantial modification.

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